Program Management

Sustainable Enrollment Growth Starts Here

From consideration through graduation to career preparation, we help you find and retain students who thrive.

The Three Programmatic Challenges in Higher Education

  • Launching programs
  • Growing enrollment institution-wide
  • Achieving profitability with existing programs

In a Gallup and Inside Higher Ed survey, 83% of institutions planned to expand their online programs and offerings. However, only 35% of CAOs rated their institution as “very effective” at delivering online programs and courses. And 39% of CAOs rated their institution as "very effective" at delivering student resources and services.

Academic Program Management (APM) – a complete set of services – is designed to meet these challenges with superior enrollment marketing, scalable infrastructure and technology, capital investment, a leadership team unmatched in program experience, and student support.

Grow Your Programs on a Solid Foundation

Attracting the right students from the beginning leads to increased institutional effectiveness and better use of resources throughout the entire student life cycle. Without this strong marketing foundation, institutions need to work harder every step of the way to make up for those missed opportunities.

We apply the same analytical insight honed in the enrollment marketing process and apply it to the entire student journey to understand each of the many paths to a degree, identify at-risk students, provide coaching at just the right time and foster positive student outcomes.



The cost of a new program can be daunting. We offer a model in which we make the up-front financial investment and share the program risk.

Market Research

We examine audience profiles, degree demand, job market and growth, local and regional competition, and our ability to promote your programs. As we examine the external factors, we also turn our attention inward to verify your institution is prepared to support the projected growth.



Our proprietary enrollment marketing approach, AttriBrandTM, integrates four elements necessary to attract successful students in an increasingly competitive and fragmented media landscape. Attribution modeling allows us to create, analyze and optimize an effective marketing mix with multiple channels and a consistent messaging strategy.

Student Recruitment

Our Enrollment Advisors field telephone and online requests for information. Acting as an extension of your institution, Enrollment Advisors ask questions to understand prospective students’ goals and motivations. We forward you candidates that meet your selection criteria and your university retains control over all admit decisions.


Student Success Services

Each student receives a dedicated Student Success Advisor (SSA) for their entire academic journey. The SSA is an expert in all non-academic matters relating to the program and is responsible for checking in with students at pre-determined intervals based on the student’s assessed level of risk. When students exhibit at-risk behavior, their SSA coaches them toward a successful resolution. We use our own Risk Assessment Index (RAI) to help identify student risk levels early and proactively provide support.

Faculty Services

We can help assist your faculty in understanding best practices for course design and delivery and provide training on the latest tools and techniques. We provide advice and support for online, hybrid and face-to-face pedagogy where and when you need it.


Course Development

Our team can meet your needs for course development at any level. We use your existing learning management system (LMS) to support what your institution already built and ensure a seamless experience for students and faculty.


We support all major LMS platforms, provide an integrated CRM and offer 24/7 help desk assistance. Our team provides insights around student data and analytics, helping you understand and improve student outcomes. We conduct insight reporting on help desk inquiries, abandon rates, and faculty- and student-related escalations.


Career Preparation

Students who find employment in their chosen field are much more likely to be satisfied with their educational experience, stay involved with your institution and refer your institution to others. For this reason, we integrate career preparation into the core curriculum.

Our student portfolio platform, Seelio, connects students, educators and potential employers. Students are better able to show their passions and experience when collecting and synthesizing their work is an expectation set from the beginning and maintained throughout the entire student life-cycle. In addition, student portfolios allow prospective students to see the value of a degree with your institution.

A strong partnership requires honesty, transparency and accountability. Having one makes all the difference, and our partners say it best:

Johnson & Wales University conducted a comprehensive search to find an experienced higher education marketing and enrollment services provider to assist with our online enrollment growth goals. Plattform's ability to offer industry-leading expertise in both digital marketing and recruiting on a customized level led to our decision to work with Plattform. Plattform has demonstrated a firm commitment to the JWU School of Online & Continuing Education, while ensuring that our traditional on-campus operations are positioned to achieve continued success.

Joshua McCarthy
Director of Marketing & Financial Operations

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