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Program Management

Sustainable Enrollment Growth Starts Here

From consideration through graduation to career planning, we help you find and retain students who thrive.

Academic Program Management

Many institutions lack the support and funding to expand their student base. What changed? Increased competition, program demand, course delivery and shifting student demographics lead the list of challenges to sustainability. We help you turn those challenges into opportunities.

We know growing just your online programs won’t lead to long-term success. That’s why we offer holistic support for new and existing on-campus, online and hybrid programs.

We partner with you to deliver enrollments through our Academic Program Management (APM) suite of services.

Our Solutions Are Focused On Student Outcomes

Now more than ever, higher education is valued according to job potential.

Career planning is central to Academic Program Management. It is also the end goal of a journey that begins with enrollment and matures through graduation.

With the entire student journey in mind, it becomes vitally important to attract the right students from the beginning through effective marketing. Without this solid marketing foundation, schools need to work harder every step of the way.

Knowing how to attract successful students has been central to our success in education during the last 25 years, and it’s a strength we leverage for Academic Program Management.


Capital Investment

The cost of a new program can be daunting. We offer a model where we make the up-front financial investment and share the program risk.

Market Research

We examine audience profiles, degree demand, job market and growth, local and regional competition, and our ability to promote your programs. As we examine the external factors, we also turn our attention inward to verify your institution is prepared to support the projected growth.



We draw on 25 years of education marketing experience to attract the right students from the first encounter with an integrated approach featuring cross-channel media optimization and attribution.

Student Recruitment

The biggest problem facing marketing leaders in postsecondary education is the ability to prove a return on investment for their efforts. In other words, what’s lacking is insight, not data. AttriBrand is our proprietary approach for smarter marketing that starts early, from initial research through a creative and placement combination to holistic measurement with attribution.

In employing AttriBrand, we offer everything in-house from traditional media to search engine marketing (SEM). This allows us to capitalize on all of the incremental wins in a cross-channel strategy at minimal overhead.

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This is the final phase in proving a return on the investment you have made in your brand. We go far beyond measuring last clicks. We analyze the performance of your marketing mix as a whole according to global key performance indicators, in addition to optimizing by channel. We create a custom attribution model for your institution from an education baseline and factor in two to three months of data from a single point of entry for a model specific to your institution. This custom model shows which channels acted as originating, roster, assisting and converting sources.


Student Retention and Support

Student support is essential at each step along the way, and we help you provide personalized attention to every learner. From information on getting started, to how to be a successful student, to coaching at-risk students, to outlining a clear strategy on how to retain students through graduation, our dedicated student services advisors guide students to successful program completion.

Faculty Support

We can help assist your faculty in understanding best practices for course design and delivery and provide training on the latest tools and techniques. We provide advice and support for online, hybrid and face-to-face pedagogy where and when you need it.


Course Development

Our team can meet your needs for course development at any level. Using the learning management system (LMS) of your choice, we work with your faculty to design and develop an online course or help you supplement an in-house design team with emerging technologies and leading-edge design.

Technology Support

We support all major LMS platforms, provide an integrated CRM and offer 24/7 help desk assistance. Our team provides insights around student data and analytics, helping you understand and improve student outcomes. We conduct insight reporting on help desk inquiries, abandon rates, and faculty- and student-related escalations.


Career Planning

For many, the value of higher education is linked with job potential at the end of their student journey. We offer career planning, help develop student portfolios and connect students with prospective employers.

A strong partnership requires honesty, transparency and accountability. Having one makes all the difference, and our partners say it best:

Johnson & Wales University conducted a comprehensive search to find an experienced higher education marketing and enrollment services provider to assist with our online enrollment growth goals. Plattform's ability to offer industry-leading expertise in both digital marketing and recruiting on a customized level led to our decision to work with Plattform. Plattform has demonstrated a firm commitment to the JWU School of Online & Continuing Education, while ensuring that our traditional on-campus operations are positioned to achieve continued success.

Joshua McCarthy
Director of Marketing & Financial Operations