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Mar 3

Who are Millennials?

Millennials are a generation of individuals born roughly between 1980 and 2000, the last generation born in the 20th century. Others say the Millennial generation began as far back as 1977. Occasionally Millennials...

Feb 27

Here is the behind the scenes journey of a recent North Central University video shoot. This spot was created to promote NCU's online degree programs and highlight the overall benefits of the school.


Feb 18

Chances are you’ve heard about content marketing, which is simply the creation and dissemination of content through various media channels. It was all the rage in 2013.

History of content marketing
According to Wikipedia, content marketing...

Oct 25
The written word is fairly cost effective, but in terms of giving prospective students a vision of what their educational experience could be, words fall short. Enter video, an important yet overlooked part of most EDU marketers’ content toolkit.
Oct 25
The past tense in the title is important. When a new technology comes along, it is convenient to speak of it in future terms: "It's on the horizon," "its influence is growing," etc. The problem is, mobile is more than a new technology. Mobile has fundamentally...
Oct 15

Career education leaders share a multitude of insights and innovations – as well as a strong belief in their mission – at PlattForm’s special event

Thinking bigger – if not, better – is a mentality most professionals aspire...
Aug 21

Have you ever thought about all that goes into creating a TV spot?  Beyond writing the script and securing the talent, a lot more goes on behind the scenes.  Chances are, if you didn’t stop to question what you saw, the production team did a good job.

Now, zoom in...

Mar 14

At PlattForm, we’ve always prided ourselves on being more than a vendor. We are a partner, a resource, an extension of our clients’ teams. This level of commitment started the day we were founded, because education has always been our passion. And that passion has pushed...

Jan 21

Americans’ love affair with television hasn’t completely fizzled, but many consumers are … well, seeing other screens. As new and diverse platforms have emerged, like smartphones and tablets, we have become multi-screen consumers. We seek information using many different...