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Nov 1
Google recently rolled out an update affecting the way Ad Rank is determined. For quick review, Ad Rank is “a value that’s used to determine your ad position, where ads are shown on a page.” Prior to the rollout, Ad Rank was a byproduct of Quality Score and Max Cost-...
Oct 25
The written word is fairly cost effective, but in terms of giving prospective students a vision of what their educational experience could be, words fall short. Enter video, an important yet overlooked part of most EDU marketers’ content toolkit.
Oct 25
The past tense in the title is important. When a new technology comes along, it is convenient to speak of it in future terms: "It's on the horizon," "its influence is growing," etc. The problem is, mobile is more than a new technology. Mobile has fundamentally...
Oct 25
When communicating to the public about a crisis, social media should be at the forefront of your mind. It’s the information source that people check all day every day, and will likely be how they find out about an emergency. 
Oct 15

Career education leaders share a multitude of insights and innovations – as well as a strong belief in their mission – at PlattForm’s special event

Thinking bigger – if not, better – is a mentality most professionals aspire...
Oct 9

September 26, 2013 – Google announced the release of their new algorithm update called Hummingbird. This update focuses on providing faster query results and improving semantic searches. Even though Google announced the update in late September, it was...

Oct 3
SEO specialists and business owners recently received bad news. Google started encrypting all searches to hide keyword data. This means that keywords that users search for on Google will all be grouped under the keyword (not provided) in Google Analytics. 
Oct 2
Twenty-two years ago, Tim Berners-Lee made history when he developed the first website. Since then, the race has been on to drive users to websites and get them interacting with the brand. However, many websites have turned their backs on user experience and are...
Sep 16
As we approach mid-September (where does the time go?), it is time to start planning for calendar year 2014. Having a solid foundation upon which your plans are made is the key to success for the upcoming year. The amount of time and work put into planning will be...