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Jan 21

Americans’ love affair with television hasn’t completely fizzled, but many consumers are … well, seeing other screens. As new and diverse platforms have emerged, like smartphones and tablets, we have become multi-screen consumers. We seek information using many different...

Jan 8

Sterling Partners Acquires PlattForm Advertising from Arlington Capital Partners
Partnership to serve higher education’s growing need for quality marketing services

CHICAGO, Jan. 9, 2013 – Sterling Partners, a growth...

Jan 3

As a writer, many people would consider me a creative type, as if creativity is an innate quality that is always present. For some extraordinarily gifted people, this is probably true. I remember a college classmate who explained how he learned to play music: He could...

Dec 12

‘Tis the season! Our stockings have been hung on the red walls with care; we’ve donned our ugly holiday apparel; and we’ve kept the infamous leg lamp lit day and night, undoubtedly confusing office visitors and passing cars.

During the holidays,...

Dec 11

2012 was quite a year. We saw the Fab Five take gold in London. People became obsessed with and viewed the infectious hit Gangnam Style more than 158 million times. The world watched as an Austrian skydiver stood near the cusp of outer space and set a...

Dec 4

  • Hometown: Chicago IL
  • College: Loyola University Chicago
  • Degree: History/Sociology
  • ...
Nov 21

If you're from around these parts, you probably realize that these animals are all mascots from rival schools (Kansas University, Kansas State and Missouri, respectively). This would normally be a recipe for disaster. But at PlattForm Advertising, it is an...

Nov 21

Ten seconds of dancing is nothing, dancing alone, you say?—Even easier—what could go wrong? Ten seconds of dancing, permanently preserved (for others to laugh at, mind you) in the industry standard, high-quality production camera!? Now that's Plattform....

Nov 21

I was just sitting at my desk, diligently doing research for our intern project and I saw a notification in the corner of my computer screen that said I received an email from Company Kitchen, our in-house, computerized cafeteria. When purchasing something...