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Aug 1

As we get into the heat of summer, let’s discuss some of the happenings in the search landscape over the last few months. Many of these have been covered on our PlattForm blog, but here’s a brief recap of some of the highpoints in case you missed them.


Jul 31

If you were thinking that it was time for another Google Update, then you were correct! Late last week, Google released a nameless algorithm update that focused on local listings. Since it was an unnamed update, the folks at...

Jul 29
Every quarter Google releases their Education Search Analysis (ESA for short) to the public via a Hangout on Air. The ESA serves as a what’s what in the world of paid search for education. 
This post contains what resonates with our experience,...
Jul 28

The American Business Awards recognizes the unique marketing partnership between Medtech College and PlattForm...

Jul 23

A common concern across the marketing industry is “Company ABC has $2M in annual marketing dollars, but how do they spend them effectively?” This is a question that can burden even the most experienced marketer, agency or decision-maker. 

Most marketers,...

Jul 23

LENEXA, Kan. – (July 23, 2014) – PlattForm, a premier provider...

Jul 17

In case you missed it, the 2014 World Cup was a spectacular event that shattered social and traditional media records left and right. The soccer matches were 90 minutes of heart-wrenching missed goals, remarkable saves and plays that fans will talk about for years to...

Jul 17

Let’s discuss unique selling propositions (USPs) and specifically, how and why you should be really focusing on them now. This will be from a Search slant, but certainly this topic is important for all marketing.

Recently on a call with Google, we started talking...

Jul 14

LENEXA, Kan. – (July 14, 2014) – For the fourth consecutive year, PlattForm has been named to Ingram’s list of the area’s top 100 privately held companies. A leading provider of marketing, enrollment and retention solutions for colleges and...

Jul 1

Let’s get back to basics and brush up on Pay-Per-Click marketing. We also will cover the recent changes announced by Facebook on how they are serving ads to their users.

For PPC basics, 2 questions will be answered: How does Google determine what ad to show? What...