Apr 1

Congratulations to our creative and integrated marketing teams for earning multiple AMBIT Awards from the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association. PlattForm was recognized in the search engine marketing, direct response television, print-only and fundraising categories...

Mar 31

We are proud to officially announce an enhanced partnership with Westwood that’s built on the principles of integrated marketing and inquiry nurturing.

“We had several different agencies working on different parts of our marketing efforts, and we really wanted one...

Mar 27

Can you remember the last survey you filled out that didn’t have a chance of winning a $500 shopping spree attached to it? Me neither.

So is it problematic that most colleges and universities rely on survey emails or a small army of staff and students to track...

Mar 27

More than 20,000 students at The University of Toledo (UT) now have direct access to Seelio’s online portfolio technology and services after an enterprise agreement was signed at the end of February. This agreement builds upon more than...

Mar 24

The recent release of the call-only ad format provides a new mobile opportunity for universities.

What are call-only ads?

Mar 20

It’s playing out a bit like a Brady Bunch episode -- it’s all about mobile, mobile, mobile!

The facts about mobile search and mobile web usage are clear: With smarter and more user-friendly devices making the mobile web experience more useful each day, traffic is...

Mar 17

“Parents, students, educators, innovators – regardless of your vocation, education is at the heart of each of us. We are all lifelong learners.”

                     - Ron Reed, executive producer of the SXSWedu 2015 Conference and Festival...

Mar 17

Doing good in the world is very important to me. That’s part of why I love PlattForm. It has a very profound commitment to helping worthy causes. One of the ways it does this is through Team Phil, PlattForm’s in-house philanthropy organization.

Well, FY 2014 has...

Mar 15

1. The Importance of Research and User Testing

Why is this so important?

  • The end user is different than both the designer and the client.
  • All projects begin with assumptions. It is essential to research and challenge...
Mar 13

Does reducing visual clutter around a quick contact form – guiding prospective students to a clear call-to-action – improve inquiry conversion rates?

This is what we tested for all of the Institute of Technology’s pages for the Modesto, California, location that...


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